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It's Time to Wake Up Your Inner Healer.

I'm not just passionate about helping people heal their bodies, but also awakening their sexy and empowering their lives! I use a highly developed sense of intuition, combined with the love of being physically in my body to create a multi-dimensional approach to healing and empowerment. 


The entire Embodiment Program has three phases. The first is to clear past energetic signatures held onto in the auric field. This is done through Clairvoyant Clearings. A clearing consists of me looking into your auric field, resetting old soul contracts, releasing past karmas, cutting chords and cleaning the auric field. Then we move on, using Qigong & Yoga, to release stored traumas from the body's cellular memory that can be sitting in the tissues. The practices I teach will subtly release the stored tension, trauma or emotion that the body-mind has been holding onto. We then work together using Hypnosis and Law of Attraction to begin attracting what you want from a place of feeling whole and empowered. The core of this work is to support you in clearing subconscious blocks to success. 


I have seen people make drastic changes in their life that they would never have thought possible before shifting their mindset. There is a path toward healing whatever it is you carry with you right now. Through clearing your mental space, freeing up your body and opening up your internal physical and mental power, you can heal and ultimately create almost anything you want.


So lets get to work!

  • Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, CHt 2018

  • Taoist qigong Instructor, UHT 2017

  • Certified NLP Practitioner, 2017

  • Alchemy Arts Healing Certificate, 2017

  • Tao Tantra Healing Love Instructor, UHT 2013

  • Minister of Church of Natural Grace, Rev. 2012

  • Greenpath Yoga Teacher Certification, RYT 2009

  • Thai Massage Practitioner Certification, 2007

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 2016

  • Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

  • hypnotherapist

  • Qigong Instructor

  • PTSD & Trauma Specialist

  • Licensed Minister

  • Inner Child Hypnosis

  • Success & Manifestation Hypnosis

  • Yoga Teacher & personal trainer

  • Thai Massage Therapist

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